PowerTuner chip tuning software

PowerTuner is a powerful software for editing binary files read from vehicle ECU,

most known as 'chip tuning software', or 'remapping software'.

We provide a lot of features and tools for easy and fast editing. Our software is made

by professional chip tuners, and we provide professional technical support for our

customers. Check out the list of main features of our software!


PowerTuner chip tuning software





- Minimum visible buttons and toolbars

- Tools are grouped in tabs

- 2 modes of viewing: 3-views and single 

- 3 modes of data display (TEXT/2D/3D)




Almost anything you might encounter:

 - 8/16/32bit data

 - Floating point is also supported

 - Signed/unsigned data

 - Reciprocal, Factor/Offset calculation of values

 - Even address lock/unlock option



Having problems moving tuning files from your work PC to your home computer? Our editor solves your problems. All the projects are stored in a cloud, so you can access them from any PC. You can control project versions, and work with the full undo list!

PowerTuner chip tuning software
PowerTuner chip tuning software

Most of the binaries read from different ECU by such manufacturers as Bosch, Delphi, Siemens, Denso, are recognized on server automatically!

You will have ECU information and a lot of maps detected automatically! You can also quickly download professional map pack for your file in 2 clicks! 

When you create a new project, our software automatically recognizes your file and shows you

project info and available solutions: map packs, dpf removal, egr removal and more...


- ECU info detection: numbers, producer, type, and car info

- Maps detection service for: Bosch, Siemens, Delphi, Denso

- Map packs only for your file with 100% valid map names.

- 100% tested solutions for DPF removal, EGR removal, Speed limiter removal

- Tuning file service directly from software