PowerTuner chip tuning software

Version 1.3 (new)

New features:
- Added 'Adjacent maps' option to detect adjacent maps
- Added maps recognition module
- Automatic project save before create/open project
- User interface design improved

- Fixed renaming assist
- Fixed 2D view focus rectangle
- Fixed edit map group menu
- Fixed chat errors

New server-side features:
- Automatic maps recognition module introduced.
Supported ECU's:
- BMW DDE4.0 (EDC15C6)
- BMW DDE5.0 (EDC16C31)
- BMW DDE6.0 (EDC16C35/EDC16CP35)
- VAG EDC16Uxx (EDC16U1/EDC16U3x)
We are working on adding new ECUs as fast as possible. The most important thing is that we already have an universal recognition algorithm and are working to add new ECU types.


Version 1.2:


New features:

- Implemented chat inside PowerTuner

- CHECKSUMS module has been introduced. Check it now on Checksums page.



- Improved loading of PowerTuner

- Log system improved

- Detection of videoadapter now works better


Server-side updates:

- Added recognition of VAG numbers in software

- VAG car brand and model now recognized in file

- Added BMW DDE4.0 detection


Version 1.1:

New features:
- Introduced windows docking system
- Added difference table
- Global document search using Ctrl+T
- Remarks window added
- New version of map assist introduced
- Maps Navigation: first/next/prev/last added
- Introduced merge tool for project versions.

Bug fixes:
- Fixed 3D rotation bug
- Fixed a bug with DirectX startup
- Fixed support of software rendering
- Fixed problems with importing version from file
- Fixed updating problems

- Graph view now have increment/decrement values shortcuts ( +/- )
- Zoom in graph view is now possible (use H/G buttons)
- Improved assist actions

Server-side updates:
- Improved ECU info detection
- Added curves (2D maps) detection to Bosch
- Added Denso maps detection
- Made versions merge task

Version 1.0:

Release! Initial stable version.